Sauna has its origins in Finland over 7000 years ago, and today there are 3 million saunas in a country of 5,2 million people.

We here in Lumi have one separate sauna building which is, of course, also inside a container. It is for all our guests to use, our container guests are welcome to book their private turn to use the facilities without any extra cost or use it after 8pm when it is open for all our guests to use. Outside the sauna building there is also a jacuzzi on the terrace that you are welcome to enjoy.

Finnish sauna

It is, no doubt, the only country that has more saunas than cars. Finnish sauna is a dry sauna, the temperature varies between 70º y 100 °C (160–212 °F) and humidity level is kept low, which allows one to enjoy those high temperatures longer.

Sauna has several health benefits, by sweating our bodies liberate toxins and activate the blood circulation, which leads to relaxed muscles and mind, and afterwards to better sleep.

To go to a sauna isn’t just about sweating a while and then showering. One goes to the sauna for a short period of time (5-15min) and then leaves to cool down to the terrace/patio/shower/lake which ever is available, and after a while enters the sauna again. These changes between high and low temperatures make the benefits of the sauna even more efficient.

Spiritual and sacred place

In a Finnish sauna the walls, roof and benches are made of wood, the stove is filled with stones and heated traditionally with wood or electricity. To make the temperature rise, one throws water on to the stones, which then evaporates. Previously the vapor from the stove was thought to be the spirit of the sauna.

Hundreds of years ago, and more so thousands of years ago when the sauna culture just begun, it was a spiritual and sacred place. Even until today Finns believe the sauna-experience not to be only physical but also spiritual, it is a cleansing of sorts for the body and mind. Actually, up until the second World War sauna was the place to give birth and also where the bodies were prepared for their final journey. Sauna is an important part also of traditions and changes, such as weddings.

So, when we started to imagine our Finnish hotel here in Mexico, it was very clear right from the get-go that we would build our own sauna here. We hope you enjoy the experience and go back to your daily lives feeling relaxed and renewed.